1. Randall RG1503H Amp Head: Classic Tone, Modern Features

    Randall RG1503H Amp Head: Classic Tone, Modern Features
    [caption id="attachment_2417" align="alignright" width="346"]rg1503h_-2 Randall RG1503H Amp Head @ $399.99[/caption] The RG1503H is a tough as nails 3-channel solid-state amplifier head designed with high gain very much in mind. More than just a simple re-issue, the RG1503H takes the basis of Randall’s legendary RG100 and RG80 designs and kicks it up to eleven with a ton of modern day features in order to bring you an amp head that mixes legendary sound with the versatility and technology of today’s best.   Killer Classic Tone The RG1503H boasts 150 watts of sonic power and the infamous tone of the FET circuit, responsible for the sound that built Randall and backbone of several metal gods such as Scott Ian of Anthrax and Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett, just to name a few. It’s a hard rock amp head for hard rock players, through and through.   Continue reading →

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