1. Wampler Ethereal Reverb Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Review

    Wampler Ethereal Reverb Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Review
      Aside from maybe distortion and overdrive, reverb and delay are easily two of the most often used and recognizable effects in rock. From the old school tape echo machines of yore or the modern digital delays and their countless voicings, there are a ton of flavors to choose from between the two. But pedalboard real estate is scarce so having more than one type of effect isn't something most us are comfortable with. Enter the Wampler Ethereal, a highly versatile pedal that not only combines reverb and delay into one box but does so with powerful settings that let you dial up a ton of highly useful sounds. From huge swaths of dreamy ambiance to no nonsense meat and potatoes reverb and delay, the Wampler Ethereal delivers.   Continue reading →
  2. A Closer Look At The Reverb Effect

    A Closer Look At The Reverb Effect
    As one of the earliest effects in music, reverb has been highly influential in shaping the history of rock. What started as a way to make an instrument sound "bigger" has become an invaluable tool of countless genres and styles. From the Fender spring reverb amps to the old studio plate units and the many rackmounts, pedals and software plug-ins of today, reverb has evolved in many ways. While it might not be as widespread in today's music as high-gain guitar tones, reverb remains one of the most influential and popular clean effects around. Today, we're taking a look at what exactly reverb is, how it evolved and where it is today.   Continue reading →
  3. Walrus Audio Descent Reverb Review With Video

    Walrus Audio Descent Reverb Review With Video
    Walrus Audio pedals have been gaining a lot of popularity lately – and it’s not just because of their awesome designs. These pedals tend to follow a mantra of packing as many features and as much versatility that one pedal can handle, so it comes as no surprise that the Descent Reverb follows suit. Designed to create a wide range of ambient sonic textures, the Walrus Audio Descent is a three mode reverb system boasting eight independent controls that allow you to precisely hone in your perfect reverberated sound like few other pedals can. From thick and endless hall reverbs to rich symphonic shimmers, the Descent was made for players looking for a reverb pedal that packs an impressive amount of sonic possibilities and precise controls in one good-looking package. Continue reading →
  4. Gear Tips: Hall of Fame Reverb Hidden Settings

    Gear Tips: Hall of Fame Reverb Hidden Settings
    [caption id="attachment_2970" align="alignright" width="235"]HOF The various DIP switch combinations for each mode of operation.[/caption] The TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb already comes packing a ton of great features such as ten types of reverb, settings that allow for a good amount of configuration and TC's signature TonePrint feature, allowing users to download signature sounds and settings from many of their favorite players - but did you know that it also contains two relatively powerful settings hidden away? These two hidden settings on the Hall of Fame are Buffered Bypass and Kill-dry which might not seem that integral at first glance but are nonetheless important features for players that find themselves needing to implement them. Continue reading →
  5. DigiTech Supernatural Ambient Reverb Pedal Review

    DigiTech Supernatural Ambient Reverb Pedal Review
    [caption id="attachment_2680" align="alignright" width="300"]supernatural_-_2 Digitech Supernatural Ambient Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal @ $179.99[/caption] The reverb effect is a quintessential sound of rock and roll history, responsible for several elegant soundscapes as well as that well known psychedelic flare, among others. Today we’re getting a closer look at DigiTech’s take on the ambient effect, the Supernatural Reverb. Packing seven authentic Lexicon algorithm presets that you can tweak and control, the Supernatural Ambient Reverb mixes both old-school tones and newer experimental sounds in one stylish reverb pedal. Continue reading →

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