1. Video: Proper Soldering Technique On An Electric Guitar

    Video: Proper Soldering Technique On An Electric Guitar
    Knowing how to properly solder in an invaluable skill when it comes to the electric guitar and bass. Not only will this enable you to switch out critical components such as pickups and pots, but you'll also be able to quickly fix loose or broken wires without shelling out cash to a guitar tech.  Sure, soldering in general can sometimes be a very complicated job, especially when working with complex electronics that can contain very sensitive components. Luckily, the electric guitar is equipped with thick wires that connect to big terminals and components that are relatively difficult to damage. In the videos below, the guys over at Seymour Duncan will show you everything you’ll need to know on proper soldering including how to protect your guitar, how to solder to lugs, how to de-solder wires, how to clean contacts and how to solder to the back of a pot. Continue reading →
  2. TECH TIPS: Anatomy of a Solder Joint

    By Seymour Duncan Guru Scott Miller Have you ever tried to solder to the back of a volume pot, only to watch the joint pop off like a champagne cork? Though we may not want to admit it, we’ve all had them: bad solder joints. A good solder joint should look nice and shiny. A bad solder joint will look...

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