1. Difference Between Volume and Gain

    Difference Between Volume and Gain
    Volume and gain – musicians use these two all the time but if you ask them to explain to you the differences among them and how they relate to each other, chances are they wouldn’t even know where to begin. Sure, you don’t need to know exactly how to explain volume and gain in order to make the most out of it — you mess around with the two into you get the right amount of loudness and distortion – but it never hurts to know. And if you happen to be in the market for a new amp, the information is more valuable since volume and gain are closely related. Continue reading →
  2. Tech Tips: The DI Box

    Tech Tips: The DI Box
    Check out all of our DI Boxes right here!  The DI box (for direct injection or direct input), also known as a direct box, is a device who’s main basic function is to convert the unbalanced high-impedance output of an instrument’s signal into a balanced low impedance one, which in turn allows longer cable runs without adding noise, among other benefits. In their most basic setup, DIs are usually equipped with at least one input and two outputs; one being a through-put for an instrument amplifier and the other for input to a PA system. The second of those outputs works through an XLR connection which also allows it to be connected to the microphone inputs of a mixer (more on that in a bit). Another extra function of the direct box is its ability to eliminate AC hum that stems from ground loops. It should also be noted that DI’s come in two main flavors – active and passive. All this is well and good, but what does that mean for you and your sound? Well, let’s take a deeper look into the world of DI’s and find out, but first…   Continue reading →
  3. Using A Looper To Improve Your Guitar Skills

    Using A Looper To Improve Your Guitar Skills
    Most of us learned the basics of guitar by playing alone in the privacy of our rooms. This allowed us to progress at our own pace without the added pressure of having to keep up with others. While there’s nothing wrong with learning the basics alone, such as fingering chords, learning scales, strengthening our fingers, etc., it makes mastering the next natural step a bit challenging; performing along with other instruments. By incorporating a looper pedal into your solo practice sessions, you can tackle this at your own pace as well.   Continue reading →
  4. Why Guitar Speaker Size Matters

    Why Guitar Speaker Size Matters
    These days, it’s a becoming more widely understood by the average player just how important a role speakers play in their overall tone.  With that in mind, it's no surprise just how popular the upgrade speaker market has become. But with so many brands, styles and size combinations to choose from, it can be a difficult task trying to figure out which speaker is best for you. The most popular format is easily the 12-inch speaker, but with an increasing range of quality 10-inch and some interesting 15-inch speakers available, the best way to figure out which is best for you is by learning the role size plays in a speaker's overall tone. Continue reading →
  5. Simple But Effective Bass Tone Upgrades - Part 2

    Simple But Effective Bass Tone Upgrades - Part 2
    Last week, we began our multi-part feature on worthwhile bass upgrades for improved tone, taking a look at various pickups made to give your sound some added quality. This week, we're moving on to the next natural step: electronics. While making any changes to the inside wiring of an instrument might seem a bit intimidating to players that are not accustomed to wiring systems, it's not nearly as tough as it might seem and the potential benefits make it at least worth a look. In several cases, you don't even need a soldering iron to completely upgrade your instrument's wiring as several manufacturers sell easy install kits that require nothing more than a screwdriver. And even if you do, most electrical setups are pretty straight forward and there are plenty of guides online to help you along the way. Continue reading →

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