1. Tone Woods of Today's Guitars

    Tone Woods of Today's Guitars
    [caption id="attachment_2442" align="alignright" width="399"]p24-trem The PRS P24 Trem 24-Fret Solidbody features a Mahogany back along with a beautiful carved figure Maple top.[/caption] It’s not just the inside form of the guitar that affects tone as far as the body goes. The choice in wood plays a huge role too. A popular title given to woods commonly used to make instruments is “tone woods,” naturally. But remember, just like anything else on an instrument, whether or not the choice of wood contributes to a player’s sought after tone is up to the interaction with the rest of the guitar’s components. Here are some of the most popular tone woods around along with some of their sound characteristics. Continue reading →
  2. Ron Wood - I Feel Like Playing

    Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood took some time to sit down with Premier Guitar to discuss his new solo album I Feel Like Playingr. Sounds like he has nice group of friends helping him out! After dishing on the details behind some of these collaborations, the conversation wound its way to how he gets his guitar tones.

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