Lose the tip of your tremolo arm? Are your tuners getting a little rusty?  From neck plates to nuts and a whole lot more, we carry a huge selection of genuine Fender replacement parts that feature the same high-quality construction and specifications as those found on the original factory instruments. If you're in the need for an authentic Fender Strat part, you've come to the right place. Take a look below to see just a small selection of the of the best Strat parts and accessories that ProAudioLand has to offer.

Strat Parts And Accessories

Strat Accessory Kit: Tired of the same old look and looking to spice things up? There's no easier way than with Fender's genuine Strat accessory kit. This set includes volume and tone control knobs, pickup switch tip, tremolo arm tip, tremolo backplate, and pickup covers. It should be said that the pickup covers will only fit standard-sized Strat single-coils (meaning SCN, N3, and Noiseless pickups are a no-go). Available in either Aged White or Parchment.

Stratocaster Screw-In Tremolo Arm: This is the same exact piece that has been used on the Fender American and American Standard Strat series since 1986. What more can be said?

Tremolo Arm Tips: One of the iconic parts of a Strat tremolo arm is the white tip so the last thing anyone wants is to lose theirs. Unfortunately, things happen. Luckily, we carry those too. This two pack set of two tremolo arm tips will fit most American, American Standard, American Vintage, Classic Player and Artist series Stratocaster models.

Tremolo Arm Tension Springs: Without these, your tremolo bridge would wobble endlessly. Keep it firm and tight with this set of 12 tremolo arm springs. Can be used with Fender American, American Vintage, American Standard, Classic, Deluxe and, Road Worn series Stratocaster models.

American Series Saddles: This set of six plated steel bridge saddles features offset intonation screws and made for American and American Standard series guitars manufactured from 1986-2007. Of course, the intonation springs and mounting hardware are included. It should be noted that these saddles will not fit vintage-style bridge plates due to the offset intonation screw design.

Vintage Saddles: While the saddles above won't work with vintage-style plates, these do. Better yet, they are crafted with the same tooling and machinery as the originals, meaning there's no better way to keep your vintage Strat looking authentic than with this period-correct set.

Five-Position Switch: This five-position super switch is perfect for four-conductor pickups and is the very same found on U.S.-made Fat Strat and Double Fat Strat models, and on Nashville Telecaster models. Includes mounting hardware and both a white tip for Strats and a black "barrel" tip for Telecasters.

Locking Tuners: This set of six locking tuners can be used on most US and Mexican made Strats and Teles and offer the very best in tuning stability and control. Comes with bushings, removable tuner caps, and mounting hardware. Unfortunately, they will not fit American Vintage series guitars.

Vintage '50s Tortoise Shell Pickguard: One of the most popular (and easiest) mods on an electric guitar is changing the pickguard. While there are a ton of different styles and designs, one of my personal favorites is the classic '50s-style Tortoise Shell. This particular SSS pickguard model fits many 1950s-style American Vintage, Hot Rod, Road Worn, Classic Player, and Classic series Stratocaster guitars with three single-coil pickups.

Pickguard Mounting Screws: And just in case you need some screws to go along with your new pickguard, you'll have plenty to spare with this 24-pack.

Fender Corona California Neck Plate: There are several different iconic pieces to a genuine Fender guitar, one of which is the neck plate. This four-bolt plate features a "Fender Corona California" decal and includes a hole for easy Micro-Tilt neck adjustments. This little piece of chrome is perfect for those restoring a worn out or wanting to replace their scratched up original. Fits most Fender guitars using four-screw neck mounting with Micro-Tilt.

LSR Roller Nut: A bad guitar nut can not only cause tuning instability but the added friction with cause your strings to break quicker than they should. If you're in the market for a new one, there's no better choice than the LSR Roller Nut. This brushed-chrome nut was made for use on American Deluxe guitars with HSS pickup configuration but will also fit older Strat Plus models with the included Wilkinson adapter. Works best with string gauges from .008 to .056.

Strap Blocks:  One of the most annoying aspects of guitar life is dealing with a pesky strap that keeps on falling off. This is where strap blocks come in. This set of four Fender Strap Blocks (two black and two red) provides a simple but effective way of "locking" your instrument straps in place and work with most Fender strap buttons (like the Fender American Series Locking Buttons).


Final Thoughts ...

Whether you're looking to upgrade your current setup, restore an old favorite or simply replace a lost part, ProAudioLand has everything you need for your Fender Stratocaster or Strat-style electric. While the items above are some of my personal favorites, that's just a small sample of the loads of Stratocaster parts and accessories that ProAudioLand has to offer!