John Paul Jones says Them Crooked Vultures is the best band in the world now Led Zeppelin are gone ( WE AGREE!). And he’s pleased with the trio’s anti-press and guerrilla gig approach which has resulted in the ideal reception for the Vultures’ debut album next week.

The band features ex-Led Zeppelin bassist Jones along with Foo Fighters’ mainman Dave Grohl and Joshe Homme from Queens of the Stone Age.

The band streamed the entire self-titled album via YouTube last night to massively positive reaction – but before that, asides from some teaser releases, the trio had deliberately kept out of the limelight.

And Jones says he’s enjoying the band so much he’d like it to continue, and he’s enjoying it every bit as much as he enjoyed Led Zep.

He tells “We kept it quiet so there wasn’t all the speculation and pressure. There was enough pressure between ourselves to do a really good record. We were trying to impress each other – we didn’t want everybody to go, ‘What’s it like? When’s it out? What are you doing?’ There will be time for all that – we wanted to concentrate on the music.”

The approach gave them the ability to play gigs to crowds who didn’t know what to expect. Jones says: “It’s 90 minutes of all new stuff – none of us have played covers in rehearsals or jamming and we’re very happy with that. Nobody shouts out for Zeppelin numbers or Queens numbers or Foof numbers, and that’s refreshing.

“To have an audience standing there, listening, taking it all in – it’s just amazing. They’re reacting really really well.”

Jones says he always aims to be in the best band in the world, and Them Crooked Vultures attains that level as much as Led Zep did: “There are so many parallels with the old days. We’re making music we want to make. We’re not thinking, ‘What’s going to sell?’ Zeppelin was exactly the same – we got the songs together. None of uit was manufactured.”

He’s enjoying working with Grohl and Homme so much he hopes it continues, and is looking forward to the chance of a second album.

“We all listen to each other,” he explains. “With the experience we have nobody has to explain anything to anybody else. If something’s not working everybody knows it’s not working. With experienced musicians you can fail – you can try something out knowing it might not work.”

And Jones’ comment about the future might dispel some Led Zep reunion rumours: “I hope there’s going to be another album. I don’t have a band that’s going to call me back – the other two do. But they’re going to have to fight me for them because we’re having too much fun at the moment.

“I’m proud of the Zeppelin legacy and I hope I’m keeping the spirit alive with this band. Led Zeppelin were the best band in the world – until this one came along.”

This band is insanely good! The live show is where this band will truly shine, with bombastic meat bats slaying away and low end thunder. Topped off with stellar guitar and vocals. Killer line up and exceeds our expectations of a modern supergroup!

Check it out for yourself here and check the live videos on you tube. My favorite album of the year for sure.

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