The ability to play a spontaneous, improvised guitar solo is indeed an impressive skill. While everyone can take a guitar and play a song using three chords, play a guitar solo, on the other hand, it takes a lot of hard work and practice. So I decided to write a short article about playing the guitar to share with you four tips that over the years certainly improved my guitar solos and improvisational skills.

Tip # 1 - Learn More Licks

To play a great guitar solo, you require having a good dictionary of the guitar is. Most beginners do not understand that only 30% of what good guitarists play during improvised guitar solos are homemade - the remaining 70% are licked, which they previously learned and learned. Too often we are faced with the problem of playing the same lick again and again, when we are solo - that's boring! The presence of a large number of faces, stored in memory, will make you a more versatile guitar player. Guitar lickings can be learned from different books, websites or listen to your favorite guitarist and find out their licks. There are resources, so there is no excuse not to learn the guitar!


Board number 2 - Practice is smart, not difficult

Many guitarists do not train very much or train too much. While lazy and just picking up the guitar twice a week apparently does not lead you very far, playing the guitar up to 8 hours a day can be bad for you. I have a friend who developed a carpal tunnel syndrome because of too much playing the guitar. Having a reasonable, practical schedule and adhering to it is the key to success. In my opinion, it is better to study a little every day, and then go through everything in one day. For example, why do not you promise that you will learn one new guitar lysis per day? It seems nothing, but it's seven guitar listeners per week, and 365 guitar liters per year!


Tip # 3 - Practice with reference tracks

Okay, so you found out your licks. The only way you will learn how to apply these learned licking in a guitar solo is to play them over a phonogram and practice combining slimes. There are many free backup tracks on the Internet that you can use to solo. Reserve tracks for 12-blues blues are the most affordable, and it's excellent because colors are the best place to start when you're learning guitar solo. Alternatively, if you want more exotic chord changes, it may be a good idea to buy some professionally produced phonograms or even create your phonograms. Software, such as Band-In-A-Box, allows you to enter a chord progression of your choice and creates a background track for you.

Tip # 4 - Be Self-Critical

The only thing that you are going to improve, especially when it comes to the guitar solo, is to have the decisive importance for you. Unfortunately, when we play the guitar, then, as we think, we say, it often differs greatly from how we sound. Write yourself, and then listen, it's a great way of self-evaluation. Often you may even be shocked at how bad your game sounds, but do not despair - a constant practice using the tips described above will polish everything. This can even be useful if you ask a friend or group friend to listen to your game and ask you to criticize you. You may find that you do not criticize very well, but this is the best way for you to become a guitar player.

Final Thoughts ...

One of the best things about being a guitarist is cranking out those crazy solos. While it might seem impossible at first, all it takes is dedication and practice to be able to pull them off. With the tips above, you'll be on your way shredding it up and melting faces with the best of them!



Your Turn to Sound Off!

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