Working with Zakk Wylde on new album blew his mind.

The former Star Trek star is revisting space with a new concept album entitled 'Seeking Major Tom'.

Shatner recently sat down with Spinner to discuss making the album, as well as his lack of knowledge on Freddie Mercury and Queen, his honary Headbanger Award from the Revolver Golden Gods Award show earlier this year, and working with many notable guitarists such as Steve Miller, Peter Frampton, Brad Paisley, Steve Howe, and Zakk Wylde.

When asked about Zakk Wylde's contributions to a cover of the Black Sabbath classic 'Iron Man', Shatner said,

"I've never seen fingers fly on a fretboard so quickly. He spent the whole day laying out his track and laying down another track on top of that. He was intricately working that song like an actor would do with a Shakespeare soliloquy, where every word has a meaning and you try and get the rhythm and the meaning and the sense, and yet throw it away so it doesn't seem obvious that you're working it. This guy blew my mind."

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