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We are excited to announce that ProAudioLand and Peavey have partnered up to bring you a PAL Exclusive deal on the Bandit 112 TransTube Guitar Combo Amp! Order your Bandit 112 Now and get an ABSOLUTELY FREE Tuner and Amp Stand! We will also be giving away 2 Free Bundles, No Purchase Necessary! Just subscribe to our Newsletter and be entered to win!

The beloved vintage warmth of a tube amp – the reliable, versatile work-horse qualities of a solid-state amp. With nearly 25 years of proof behind it, the Bandit® 112 TransTube Guitar Combo Amp brings the best of both worlds to guitar players in every genre.

The Proof is in the hearing! Listen for yourself:

The discoveries made by Peavey engineers when creating the Bandit® 112 TransTube Guitar Combo Amp were ground-breaking in the world of sound technology. These innovative engineers took an approach different from those of their predecessors on the quest to accurately recreate tube tone from a solid-state amp -- and the resulting amp was unlike any before it.

The significance of each individual component within the amp and the way it reacts with all other components was the key discovery. The Peavey engineers fine-tuned seemingly minor details in the amp’s cabinet size, thickness, and material, as well as dampening factor, speaker response, gain stages, and more to achieve the wide dynamic range and sound of a tube amp – in the form of a solid state amp.

The TransTube Bandit’s® reverb control and numerous volumes and fields allow players a great deal of versatility without the sacrifice of sound quality. As a solid-state amp, the TransTube Bandit® is reliable and convenient; it merges the positive qualities of tube amplifiers and solid state amplifiers and eliminates their affiliated downsides. What could be better than that?


• 100 Watts (rms) into 4 Ohms (w/external speaker)

• 12" Blue Marvel® speaker

• High and Low Gain inputs

• TransTube tube emulation circuitry

• Footswitchable Clean and Lead channels

• 3 band passive EQ on each channel

• 3 position EQ/Gain Voicing switch on each channel

• Reverb with level control

• Footswitchable Boost with level control

• ¼" stereo Speaker Simulated Direct Out jack with level control

• Footswitch optional

• 80 Watts (rms) into 8 Ohms

• Weight Unpacked: 40.00 lb(18.144 kg

• Weight Packed: 48.00 lb(21.772 kg)

• Width Packed: 15.75"(40.005 cm)

• Height Packed: 28.37"(72.0598 cm)

• Depth Packed: 23.87"(60.6298 cm)