RADIAL Hot Shot DM1 Mic Switcher

RADIAL Hot Shot DM1 Mic Switcher
RADIAL Hot Shot DM1 Mic Switcher RADIAL Hot Shot DM1 Mic Switcher RADIAL Hot Shot DM1 Mic Switcher

RADIAL Hot Shot ABo Mic & Line Switcher


RADIAL J33 Active Combination Stereo Pre-amp Direct Box

Radial Mic Switcher Toggles Signal From PA To Monitors. For Dynamic Mics.

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Radial:HotShot DM1

HotShot DM1 stage mic toggle

The HotShotDM-1 is an innovative a combination microphone signal splitter and mute switch that allows the user to depress a foot switch to mute his mic and redirect the signal to the monitoring system or intercom for on-stage communication with band-mates and technicians.


Designed specifically for dynamic microphones, the DM-1 HotShot is a simple passive device that features an XLR input, momentary foot switch and two XLR outputs designated 'main' and 'monitor'. The microphone connects to the input and the main output connects to the sound system as usual. The monitor output is connected to the monitor desk where the monitor engineer can route the signal to the musicians on-stage monitoring systems and if desired, to the technical crew. Should a problem occura change of song during a set or a level that requires adjustmentthe vocalist need merely depress his HotShot foot switch and he is now able to communicate this discreetly.


As with all Radial stage switchers, the HotShot DM1 is designed to take the abuses of the road with it's rugged 14-gauge steel construction, baked enamel finish, heavy-duty isolated XLR connectors and switch.

The HotShotDM-1 features :

On-stage mic mute and signal redirector

Momentary switch for one-push operation

Allows discreet communication with band and crew

Ground lift to eliminate buzz caused by ground loops

Toggle to second mic channel with or without effects

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