Radial Product Information

Radial Product Information

Made in Canada with Pride, Radial’s Tonebone products are built with the same robust quality their direct boxes are best known for. Whether you are grinding away 250 days a year on tour or living in a studio, you can expect quality, durability and a level of performance that is unmatched. Ranging from switchers to distortions to preamps, the Tonebone lineup offers a dynamic range of products that will deliver exciting results for years to come.

JDX Direct Drive™ Amp Simulator & Direct Box

The JDX Direct-Drive is a unique and powerful device that emulates the sound of a guitar amplifier while doubling as a direct box, providing a realistic amp sound that allows you to play a gig without needing an amp on stage.

•Guitar amp simulator for pedalboards

•Eliminates need to bring an amp to the gig

•4x12 half-stack & open back combo tones

•Balanced output to feed the PA system

The Direct-Drive is an amp simulator designed for your pedalboard, providing a realistic amp tone that can be connected directly to the PA system. Three amplifier voicing options are provided: the first is the popular JDX tone which simulates the sound of an SM57 microphone on a 4x12 cabinet. The second setting is similar in character to a British tube head amplifier, while the remaining tone is modeled after a clean twin combo amp. With three classic voicings available, the Direct-Drive provides a natural amp tone through the PA system and consistency from night to night.

AC-Driver™ Acoustic Preamp & Direct Box

The AC-Driver is an acoustic instrument preamp designed for use on stage, with helpful features to streamline your performance and ensure the best possible tone from your instrument.

•Studio quality preamp and class-A buffer circuit

•Balanced DI output to feed a PA or powered speaker

•Mute footswitch for silent tuning & instrument changeovers

•Notch filter and 180° phase switch to reduce feedback on stage

The AC-Driver allows you to obtain great sounding results in a short amount of time, with powerful easy-to-use controls that allow you to set your levels and reduce on-stage feedback. An adjustable low-cut filter removes excessive low frequencies, while a 180° phase switch helps correct feedback build-up from hot spots on stage. A variable notch filter targets and removes specific problem frequencies, and a mute footswitch provides a way to silently tune on stage or change instruments without any popping or noise in the PA.

PZ-Pre™ Acoustic Preamp & Direct Box

The PZ-Pre™ is a powerful acoustic instrument preamplifier. The magic lies in the combination of high performance 100% discrete class-A PZB piezo boosters, an ultra-quiet preamp circuit that will adapt to any pickup system and a host of connectivity options that will put you in total control. The PZ-Pre is equipped with two inputs for quick instrument changes on stage, or for blending two pickups together. Powerful semi-parametric EQ and feedback eliminating controls allow the user to fine-tune their sound while eliminating troublesome frequencies. Offering both pre and post EQ direct box outputs, the PZ-Pre can be used send a dry signal to the house and performer tailored sound to monitors.

•Two channels to switch or blend instruments

•Notch & resonance filters eliminate feedback

•Pre & Post Radial DI outputs for PA and monitors

•Power booster and mute for more control on stage

BigShot ABY™ True-Bypass Amp Switcher

The BigShot ABY is a compact true-bypass ABY switcher that enables you to switch between two amplifiers or play through both amps at the same time, while eliminating buzz and hum from ground loops.

•True-bypass ABY amp selector with LED indicators

•On-board transformer to eliminate buzz and hum

•180° polarity reverse to phase-match amps

•100% passive audio path, does not require power

The BigShot ABY makes it easy to run two amps on stage, without introducing noise or altering your tone. The pedal has two latching footswitches that allow you to choose which amp is active or run through both simultaneously. The second amp output features a ground lift and an isolation transformer that can be engaged to eliminate buzz and hum from ground loops, while a 180° polarity reverse switch ensures both amps play back in phase to avoid frequency cancellation. When powered by an external 9V supply or pedalboard power brick, LEDs provide instant on-stage visual feedback - when power is unavailable, the passive audio circuit still works unaffected. Best of all, the BigShot ABY is true-bypass device, without any tone-altering buffers between the guitar and the amplifier to ensure you retain the pure tone of your instrument.

Twin-City™ Active Amp Switcher

The Twin-City is an active amp selector that lets you connect any two guitar amps and switch between them or drive them both simultaneously without noise, loss of gain, or any degradation to your natural guitar tone.

•Active ABY amp switcher & Class-A buffer

•Isolated output eliminates hum and buzz

•180° polarity reverse to phase-match amps

•Drag Control load correction for natural tone

The Tonebone Twin-City uses a class-A input buffer to drive the amp outputs, which reduces susceptibility to noise and allows for completely silent switching on stage. To eliminate hum and buzz from ground loops, the Twin-City is equipped with an isolation transformer on output-B, along with a ground lift switch and 180⁰ polarity reverse switch that ensures both amplifiers play back in phase with each other. At the input, Drag Control load correction allows you to recreate the natural load on the pickups as if you were connected directly to a tube amplifier, allowing the natural tone of your instrument to shine through.

Bassbone V2™ Bass Preamp & Direct Box

The Bassbone V2 is a two channel bass preamp with a number of customizable features to suit any type of setup or playing style, while providing superb audio quality ideal for a live stage or studio recording.

•Two-channel bass preamp for 1 or 2 basses

•Shared effects loop with footswitch

•Variable clean boost circuit and EQ controls

•PZB booster and piezo input for upright bass

•Built-in Radial DI with balanced output for the PA

The Bassbone V2 combines high quality audio performance with the ability to take control of your tone and configure each feature to match your ideal setup. Seamlessly switch between upright and electric basses, while tailoring the signal from the upright with a three band EQ, high-pass filter, and a high impedance input for a more natural tone. You can engage your effects pedals with a single footswitch and assign them to either input individually, or share them across both. A wet/dry control for the effects loop provides the ability to blend the original bass signal in with the output from the pedals, preserving the tone and clarity of your instrument. The Bassbone V2 also features a powerful clean boost that can be activated with a footswitch or reconfigured as a mute switch for silent tuning on stage.

Hot-British V9™ Distortion Pedal

The Hot-British V9 is the next generation of the original high-gain Hot British tube distortion.

• High-gain, low noise Plexi-style distortion

• Powerful post-distortion EQ controls

• Standard 9V power supply operation

• Compact and rugged

Beginning with a class-A buffering circuit, The Hot-British V9 gives you the feel of a true-bypass pedal with the added benefits of greater noise rejection and lower impedance. Its 3 gain stages and powerful post-distortion EQ controls deliver a flexible high gain experience that is reminiscent of big hair and pointy guitars.

Texas-Pro™ Overdrive and Boost pedal

The Texas-Pro is a true-bypass, dual-function pedal that features a versatile overdrive circuit and a class-A power booster with a built-in effects loop.

•Versatile Overdrive with multiple tonal possibilities

•Class-A power booster provides up to +22dB of clean gain

•True-bypass switching

•Standard 9V power supply operation

The Texas-Pro is a compact yet extremely powerful dual-function pedal that provides a versatile overdrive circuit as well as a high-output signal booster. These two features can be used independently or in combination for a wide array of tonal options ranging from slight breakup to full on saturation. Its class-A boost circuit provides up to +22dB of clean gain and simultaneously activates its built-in effects loop to bring in effects for soloing. Lastly, the Texas-Pro’s overdrive circuit is equipped with a three-position range switch which tailors its response to produce vintage, modern, and high-gain overdrive tones. From blues to hard rock, the Texas-Pro covers it all.