RADIAL Pro D8 Passive 8 Channel DI

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Radial Passive 8 Channel DI , Radial Transformers with 19" Rackmount.
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The ProD8 is a high density rackmount 8-channel 19" direct box that is specifically designed to interface keyboards and pre-recorded backing tracks to the PA system with redundant inputs for live performance back-up.


The ProD8's input panel is equipped with two A-B " inputs per DI channel for main and back-up sources, throughput for personal monitoring and an effects loop that allows both A-B sources to share the same effects for each channel. The output panel features a XLR connector, -15dB input pad selector and ground lift witch. A 180 polarity reverse switch is internally mounted and factory set with pin 2 hot. Completely passive, the ProD8 employs eight custom wound Radial transformers that are linear from 20Hz to 18kHz and able to withstand highly dynamic levels from sources such as digital samplers and drum machines without flinching. To reduce interference from outside magnetic fields, the transformers are equipped with a mu-metal-nickel outer shield thus reducing phase distortion to an absolute minimum.


For greater system setup flexibility, the Radial ProD8 features a reversible set of rack ears that allows the " input panel or the XLR output panels to be position at the front or back, depending on the system engineers preference.

Radial ProD8 eight channel rackmount DI features:

Eight Radial DI's in a high density rack format

Redundant input conectors for 'main' and 'backup' inputs

Custom Radial transformers for linear performance

Designed to handle highly dynamic sources

Rack ears reverse so either panel can face front

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