When players hear the word "boutique," a single word always seems to come to mind -- expensive. And while it's true that boutique gear tends to retail at a higher price point than their mass-produced counterparts (though, not by much more these days), what is lost in the dollar amount is the unique, high-quality experiences they bring. If you've been ignoring these lesser known brands due to a few bucks, you're doing yourself and your sound a disservice as boutique pickups tend to be meticulously designed and feature a unique take that most of the big guys just don't offer. With that said, we'd like to share a few of our favorite boutique pickup brands that show their gear is well worth the price.

Lindy Fralin

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Lindy Fralin is known for creating some of the best vintage-style pickups around. The key to their success is the meticulous and comprehensive way they build their pickups as every single creation is hand-wound one at a time using the highest caliber materials and quality control. And while they might not be as well known as the Duncans and Fenders of the world, the quality and sound of their products can easily stand toe-to-toe with the best of them.

A Few Of Our Favorites:

Vintage Hot Set For Stratocaster

Woodstock 69 Set For Stratocaster

Blues Specials For Telecaster


Van Zandt

Created by W.L. Van Zandt's in the late '80s after years of growing demand for his custom rewinds, Van Zandt pickups are known for their quality craftsmanship and awesome tones. While W.L. Van Zandt has long since retired, his nephew J.D. continues the tradition with all of the quality and attention to detail that his uncle's pickups are known for. And as an authorized dealer, we guarantee our Van Zandt pickups are brand new and straight from J.D.'s hand in Texas!

A Few Of Our Favorites:

Blues Model Pickup Set

True Vintage Telecaster Neck Pickup

Rock Model Middle Position Bride/Neck Stratocaster Pickup


Tom Anderson

While they are predominantly known for their killer guitars, Tom Anderson Guitar Works also manufacturer a series of great high-quality pickups that feature an attention to detail that easily rivals the best brands around. If you're more of a vintage humbucker type of player, I recommend you take a closer look at the Tom Anderson HC series; mild to hot output vintage-flavored humbuckers with a tight, focused mid-range and surprisingly musical highs. Plus, they come in sleek looking covers for some added style points!

A Few Of Our Favorites:

SA Series Strat Sized Single-Coils

TF Series Tele Sized Single-Coils

HC Series Humbuckers



Having been a Suhr dealer for more than 10 years (as well as being named their 2015 Electronics Dealer of the Year), we know first-hand of the outstanding quality, craftsmanship, and tone their gear is known for. Founded in 1997 by John Suhr, famous for his exquisitely crafted guitars, Suhr is responsible for creating some of the most highly regarded instruments, amps, effects and pickups in the business. While they might be best known for their top-notch guitars, their high-quality pickups deserve the spotlight as well.

A Few Of Our Favorites:

Mike Landau Classic Single-Coils

Aldrich Humbuckers

DSV and SSV Pickups


Final Thoughts ...

Whether you need a high-quality, era-accurate replacement for your vintage guitar or are simply looking to try something with a bold new sound, the boutique pickup makers above are sure to deliver. Don't let a few dollars get between you and the sound of your dreams, especially when ProAudioLand can get you a great deal on exactly what you're looking for!