Founded in 2009 in Petaluma, California, Mission Engineering is known for creating the world's largest range of professional quality expression pedals. Each of their creations is designed to work seamlessly with today's digital amps, effects, and controllers. From their very first creation -- the Mission SP-1 -- to the newer Aero Expression 2.0, Mission Engineering has the perfect expression pedal for any player. Below, we take a look at a small sample of what the California Manufacturer has to offer.



EP1-KP 10k Expression Pedal for Kemper

The Mission Engineering EP1-KP is switching expression pedal made to get the most out of your Kemper Profiler and Remote. And while the EP1-KP was designed to work with all models of the KP and Remote, it's also compatible with some non-Kemper devices that support a switching expression pedal with a momentary TS switch, such as current model FAMC Liquid Foot MIDI controllers, and the ISP Theta Pro DSP guitar pre-amp. As far as the pedal itself goes, the linear potentiometer is matched exactly to the specifications of the Kemper Profiler for a precise and natural response. The pedal has a toe switch to turn effects on and off without requiring a separate footswitch. The EP1-KP works with both the rack and head versions, and the Remote floor controller. The Mission EP1-KP connects to the Kemper Profiler or Remote with a single TRS cable for expression, and a single TS cable for the toe switch. The switch output may be left unconnected if this function is not required. This pedal is a must-own for Kemper Profiler owners!


VM Pro Volume Pedal

The Mission VM-PRO is the most sophisticated volume pedal ever made resolves many of the common issues with volume pedals that cause tone sucking and mismatching problems. The VM-PRO works with electric, electro-acoustic, baritone or bass guitars. It also works with many other acoustic and electric instruments including electronic keyboards, steel guitars, and instrument microphones such as harmonica and horn mics. VM-PRO includes onboard buffers, isolated tuner out, sparkle control, and compatibility switches for use with active and passive pickups and fuzz pedals. The PZ version provides a 10M ohm impedance for use with passive Piezo pickups. Use of tuner out requires optional VM-PRO tuner adapter.


Rewah Pro All Analog Wah Pedal

Rewah Pro is the next generation all analog wah pedal. Rewah is built around a custom inductor of the type used in very high-end audio amplifiers. The inductance and resistance are the same as the vintage halo inductors that are highly coveted for wah pedals. Due to a longer sweep and the huge inductor core, twice the size of a typical wah coil, Rewah has extended range, excellent bass response, and little saturation making it ideal for contemporary styles such as dropped tuning and six and seven-string guitars, as well as vintage wah sounds. The Rewah can be rewired (Rewah’d) with four different circuit modifications to customize the tonal characteristics via a small internal switch block. Switches can be used individually or in conjunction for a total of sixteen different tonal variations.


Final Thoughts ...

Although the pedals above are some of our personal favorites, there are a lot more high-quality Mission Engineering expression pedals where that came from!  If you have any question regarding the products above or any other piece of gear we carry, feel free to give us a call at 877-671-2200.