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  1. Is a 7-String Guitar Worth It?

    Is a 7-String Guitar Worth It?
    The 7-String Regarded by many as the greatest instrument of all time, the guitar is becoming increasingly more popular. The popularity of the 6-string electric has long overshadowed the 7-string guitar. So that poses the question, is a 7-string guitar worth it? Towards the end of the 20th Century the 7-string guitar has risen as a powerhouse. The extra B...
  2. The Differences Between Nitro And Poly Guitar Finishes

    The Differences Between Nitro And Poly Guitar Finishes
    While the guitar itself has evolved throughout the years, the types of finishes used have remained pretty consistent -- nitrocellulose Lacquer, polyurethane, and polyester which are still the standard. Aesthetics aside, does the finish actually affect tone? Guitarists and musical technicians are somewhat split on this issue, with some going as far religiously sticking to one particular type. Keep reading to find out about the major differences between nitro and poly guitar finishes. Continue reading →
  3. Top Home Recording Mistakes To Avoid

    Top Home Recording Mistakes To Avoid
      Nowadays, many musicians tend to prefer working in their very own home recording studios. This trend is usually meant to avoid the pesky booking process and exorbitant fees associated with using professional studios. Most of these people feel rushed and constrained to accomplish their projects in the allocated time. Still, putting aside the costly fees for utilizing professional studios, you cannot overlook the numerous advantages of settling for this process. Some of the most notable are being able to work with sound engineers and professional recording equipment. Granted, in-home studios are hard-pressed to offer such unparalleled convenience. However, this doesn’t necessarily equate to obtaining lackluster outcomes. When you take the time to discern the errors, which many a musician often make, you can ensure your projects are successful even if you are on a tight budget. So, here are some few tips on how to make this a reality.   Continue reading →
  4. Great Guitar Amps For Classic Rock

    Great Guitar Amps For Classic Rock
    A great guitar amp for classic rock can be hard to find. There are just too many choices, varying specs and price points available today. With that in mind, I'd like to share five of my own personal picks of amps that I have personally tried out and found that work amazingly well with classic rock tones. I also made sure to pick five amps that should appeal to a wide spectrum of classic rock players, with different tastes and budgets in mind.     Continue reading →
  5. PA Tips For Smaller Venues

    PA Tips For Smaller Venues
      Setting up a PA might be a little challenging, especially if you have never done it before. Whether it is a small event or a big concert, everyone would be looking forward to a great sound. And realizing that you made a mistake after or during the performance, is too late. So you must just get everything right. Below are tips that can help you avoid the mistakes.   Continue reading →

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