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  1. Outside The Box Vocal Tips For Singers

    Outside The Box Vocal Tips For Singers
      With regards to sound and vocal systems, they are excessively basic. The following are some vocal tips that, if you are after, help you to discover approaches to get however much advantage from your voice as could reasonably be expected.   Continue reading →
  2. Recording Tips For Singers

    Recording Tips For Singers
      Becoming a singer who can record a fluent song is not always an easy task, it needs a lot of effort and practice so that you can achieve your best vocals and attain the pitch you want. People may have complemented your voice that you can sing but one day tried recording a song in a music studio but became frustrated when you heard your first sound as it was terrible. You may even think that it can never work and give up, but note that many prominent artists started the same way but worked on their vocals to achieve the best voice when recording. You may sound terrible when recording in a music studio filled with musical instruments but here are some few tips which will help you improve vocal recordings.   Continue reading →
  3. Improving Your Soldering Skills

    Improving Your Soldering Skills
      Soldering generally means the connection of metals by the fusion of alloys that have a low melting point. Soldering is one of the best ways to fix the components to the circuit and also an important skill in mastering the guitar basics quickly. However, there are different ways one can use in order to improve the soldering skills. Thus the following are some essential tips to improve your soldering skills.   Continue reading →
  4. What Is Hybrid Picking

    What Is Hybrid Picking
      I regularly get got some information about my correct hand guitar method. I began on traditional guitar, however, was soon attracted to the energy of the pick. Out of "sonic need" I built up the capacity to utilize my correct hand fingers alongside the pick. Today this is ordinarily known as hybrid picking for guitar. No single individual can assume praise for developing hybrid picking, yet this capable right-hand guitar system is a foundation of my style and numerous other accomplished guitarists.   Continue reading →
  5. TECH TIPS: Muddy sounding neck pickup?

    TECH TIPS: Muddy sounding neck pickup?
      Muddy sounding neck pickup? Try Seymour’s quick tech fix   Continue reading →

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