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  1. Is a 7-String Guitar Worth It?

    Is a 7-String Guitar Worth It?
    The 7-String Regarded by many as the greatest instrument of all time, the guitar is becoming increasingly more popular. The popularity of the 6-string electric has long overshadowed the 7-string guitar. So that poses the question, is a 7-string guitar worth it? Towards the end of the 20th Century the 7-string guitar has risen as a powerhouse. The extra B...
  2. Top Tips For A Three-Piece Band

    Top Tips For A Three-Piece Band
    Whether you’re interested in rock, heavy metal, blues, country, psychedelic soul, or boogie, three-piece bands are always popular for an iconic sound. Do you have a drummer, bassist, and lead guitarist for your group? If so, you’re on your way to achieving the classic power trio group. Perhaps you take inspiration from Rush, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top, or Cream, and hope that one day you’ll be just like them. But none of the greats began with the perfect sound. Forming a three-piece band can be hard work for any musician. You may have the band members, but you might not have the solid sound you’re looking for just yet. If you want to rock at your next show or gig, these 4 tips will help get you well on your way. Continue reading →
  3. New Years Resolutions For Musicians To Improve Their Career

    New Years Resolutions For Musicians To Improve Their Career
      With the advent of the new year, it is time for some New Years resolutions! Folks make all types of resolutions, for example, quit smoking cigarettes, stop eating fast food, get in proper shape, save more money, and so on. Musicians are also not an exception to this. In the following paragraphs, we will mention 8 most common resolutions for musicians which will help to enhance their career in the long run.   Continue reading →
  4. Amazing Movie Soundtracks

    Amazing Movie Soundtracks
      Music plays a vital part in any movie. A good selection of tracks can make a good movie all the more memorable. With that in mind, we decided to list some of our favorite movie soundtracks. Check out our choices below.   Continue reading →
  5. Five Great Acoustic Guitar Players

    Five Great Acoustic Guitar Players
      The guitar is just the icon of modern musical instruments. We all love those acoustic guitarists that rock the band and provide us with excellent music. Of course, since the appearance of guitar, there have been many famous and great guitarists, and we could all remember their names, like Django Reinhardt and Chet Atkins. However, there are many other acoustic guitarists that contribute to the development of this industry, while they are not the top figures. We should also pay tribute to their effort and contribution. Therefore, this article is dedicated to introducing 5 acoustic guitarists that you may not know.   Continue reading →

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