1. Five Great Acoustic Guitar Players

    Five Great Acoustic Guitar Players
      The guitar is just the icon of modern musical instruments. We all love those acoustic guitarists that rock the band and provide us with excellent music. Of course, since the appearance of guitar, there have been many famous and great guitarists, and we could all remember their names, like Django Reinhardt and Chet Atkins. However, there are many other acoustic guitarists that contribute to the development of this industry, while they are not the top figures. We should also pay tribute to their effort and contribution. Therefore, this article is dedicated to introducing 5 acoustic guitarists that you may not know.   Continue reading →
  2. Famous Untrue Music Legends

    Famous Untrue Music Legends
      Ah, if there’s one thing rock ‘n roll has plenty of, its legends and rumors! From the granddaddy of them all involving a blues man and the devil to the more recent batch of creative concoctions, we will be hammering down a few of our favorites and giving you the details on how exactly each got started. More often than not, a few of these legends are grounded in something much simpler than what they would eventually become, others are just as crazy as the truth, so read on and check out some of rock’s greatest legends and the stories behind them!     Continue reading →
  3. Weirdest Pre-Fame Jobs Of Famous Rock Stars

    Weirdest Pre-Fame Jobs Of Famous Rock Stars
      The road to fame is rough, as many of your favorite rock stars will tell you. Some of the pre-fame jobs they took on were completely unexpected. Here's what a few of them did before they hit it big.   Continue reading →
  4. Where Are They Now? Famous 90s Rock Front Men

    Where Are They Now? Famous 90s Rock Front Men
      The 90s hold a very special place in the heart of music lovers. In that decade, we have experienced many new and unique things from grunge to boy bands. During the 90s, many rock stars have created a history in the music world for their talents. But where are they now? Are they still performing? To answer your queries, you can go through the followings.   Continue reading →
  5. Five Great Rock Songs For Mother's Day

    Five Great Rock Songs For Mother's Day
      Every year, Mother’s Day comes to remind us to celebrate our moms for all of their hard work and sacrifices. And while taking them out to a nice dinner and grabbing them flowers is a must, there's nothing wrong with coming up with a complimentary soundtrack for the day! Below, we take a look at five of our favorite rock and roll songs featuring a mom (in one way or another).   Continue reading →

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