Every year, Mother’s Day comes to remind us to celebrate our moms for all of their hard work and sacrifices. And while taking them out to a nice dinner and grabbing them flowers is a must, there's nothing wrong with coming up with a complimentary soundtrack for the day! Below, we take a look at five of our favorite rock and roll songs featuring a mom (in one way or another).



1. Your Mother Should Know by The Beatles

Until Paul McCartney's first live performance in 2013, this sixties’ masterpiece remained very little known. The official video clip of this song shows young Paul, George, John, and Ringo wearing white tuxedos as they perform a synchronized dance in a Beatles fashion while coming down the stairs. This first song on our Mother’s Day list features a pro-mom message. The extremely lyrically simple song endorses the power and fascination of music on different generations. The underlying message of the song is that you should give your mother credit for knowing much more than you think she does.


2. Mama Said by Metallica

This song is composed as a letter of James Hetfield dedicated to his late mother. His mother died when the singer was only sixteen, but their troubling relationship seems to still be part of his life. The singer aims to solve his relationship’s issues by expressing his feelings through a heartfelt letter. This is the emotional theme of this exceptional masterpiece. Metallica’s live set-list only includes a solo version of this song performed on acoustic guitar by Hetfield.


3. Mother by Pink Floyd

This rock ballad song has been written as a dialogue between Pink and his mother. The song is part of the well-known album The Wall. It tells the story of a mother’s love that is, sometimes, a bit suffocating and overwhelming at a time when a young son begins his romantic life.


4. Mama Kin by Aerosmith

This is the first single ever by Aerosmith, dating from 1972. The song highlights the importance of keeping in touch with your mother in all life circumstance, even when you are a rock star. After 4 decades since the single’s first release, the video of an animated live performance proves that Aerosmith guys are still true rockstars. Stephen Tyler even tattooed the “Ma Kin” on his arm, assured of the song’s success. Aerosmith's unique mother song features Steven Tyler reminding us how important is to stay connected with your mother and giving thanks to the maternal creative spirit.


5. Mother’s Little Helper by The Rolling Stones

This song is honoring mothers’ hard work by adding in the theme of the diazepam’s popularity in the sixties. The little drug was helping the housewives go easier with their daily routine. In this rock classic, for the aging mother trapped in an unfulfilling suburban world, the diazepam seems like a short-cut to a temporary escape.


Final Thoughts ...

There you have it, our picks for five of the best mom-themed rock and roll songs! This Mother's Day, make sure to let your mom know just how much she rocks!



Your Turn to Sound Off!

What are some other great mom-themed rock songs for Mother's Day?

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