1. Amazing Movie Soundtracks

    Amazing Movie Soundtracks
      Music plays a vital part in any movie. A good selection of tracks can make a good movie all the more memorable. With that in mind, we decided to list some of our favorite movie soundtracks. Check out our choices below.   Continue reading →
  2. A Few Of The Best Tribute Bands Around

    A Few Of The Best Tribute Bands Around
    What probably started out as groups of buddies getting together in order to pay homage to their favorite band has grown into a music phenomenon all its own: the tribute band. While tribute bands tend to get a bad rap because of the underlying concept, which at its core is basically imitation, the following bands prove that just because you're not the "real deal" doesn't mean you can't rock just as hard. Whether its their uncanny resemblance and amazing reproduction of the original source material or their unique twist on the concept, these five groups rank among the best in the genre.   Continue reading →
  3. Cover Songs That Became More Popular Than The Orginals

    Cover Songs That Became More Popular Than The Orginals
    While most of the songs on this list were a successes in their own right, they were each ultimately surpassed by another artist’s rendition, at least in sales. Not even music legends like Bob Dylan or Fleetwood Mac were immune to being outdone by another artist’s cover. Maybe it was a case of releasing the right song at the right time, the appeal of the artist or changing just enough to make a good tune even better great. Whatever the case, the following are five cover songs that for one reason or another became much more popular than the originals that inspired them.   Continue reading →
  4. Judas Priest Talk New Album

    Live DVD hits stores later this month. Although Judas Priest had a bit of a snag which slightly delayed  the release of their new live DVD, “Epitaph” – due out later this month by the way – the band has done a great job of keeping fans in the loop, and not just regarding their DVD either. In a recent...
  5. Famed Fender Pick-Up Engineer Abigail Ybarra Announces Retirement

    Abigail Ybarra with Los Lobos during her private retirementparty.  The Fender Custom Shop is both pleased and wistful to announce that one of its most revered employees, “pickup artist” Abigail Ybarra, is retiring after more than 50 years in the Fender family. In celebration, Fender arranged for multiple Grammy Award-winning band Los Lobos to play at her private retirement party...

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