1. Cover Songs That Became More Popular Than The Orginals

    Cover Songs That Became More Popular Than The Orginals
    While most of the songs on this list were a successes in their own right, they were each ultimately surpassed by another artist’s rendition, at least in sales. Not even music legends like Bob Dylan or Fleetwood Mac were immune to being outdone by another artist’s cover. Maybe it was a case of releasing the right song at the right time, the appeal of the artist or changing just enough to make a good tune even better great. Whatever the case, the following are five cover songs that for one reason or another became much more popular than the originals that inspired them.   Continue reading →
  2. Top Hard Rock Pickups

    Top Hard Rock Pickups
    [caption id="attachment_2249" align="alignright" width="300"]ST59-1 Seymour Duncan Little 59 Tele Lead[/caption] Guitar geeks who study their favorite ax-man’s rig will undoubtedly notice that most of them have their own custom pickup setup, and for good reason. That’s not to say that the pickups shipped with most guitars are cheap or even bad, because they’re not and more often than not are great as is, but just as car enthusiasts change the little things on stock models to make them reflect more of their own taste and style, so too do pickups do for the electric guitar player. Today, we're sizing up three of our favorite hard rock pickups!     Continue reading →
  3. Guns 'N Roses Jam At Rock Hall

    Michael Loccisano, Getty Images Over the weekend, an Axl-less original lineup Guns ‘N Roses attended their induction ceremony at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Earlier in the week, Rose wrote an open letter to the Rock Hall committee expressing his declination of the honor, as well as throwing in a bit of remorse for good taste. As expected...
  4. Weekday Roundup 4/12

    Photo Credit Things are getting a bit cold over here in sort of sunny Southern California, and while the rest of the country is enjoying the warm nudge of Spring, us west enders are being punched in the face with thunder and rain. What can we say? We’re not used to anything but precisely 70.3453454 degree weather (as we all...
  5. Guns N' Roses Reunion at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    Guns N' Roses will appear at Rock Hall Ceremony Guns N’ Roses are set to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and will perform live at their induction. Fans have been wondering which GN’R will show up to perform at the induction, the Appetite for Destruction Era GN’R, or the modern day version. It has now...

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