Things are getting a bit cold over here in sort of sunny Southern California, and while the rest of the country is enjoying the warm nudge of Spring, us west enders are being punched in the face with thunder and rain. What can we say? We’re not used to anything but precisely 70.3453454 degree weather (as we all know, that is precisely the optimal temperature for getting tans and surfing, which is required of all Southern Californians). With that being said, have a great weekend music fans! Here’s a recap of the weeks business!








We reviewed a pedal that would make even King Henry VIII proud... if he played the electric guitar

We gave you more options to waste your time with... Finally, something to do at church!

Axl Rose spoke a lot about his feelings... and then wrote a short story about it! (Spoiler: it was all Slash's fault)

We checked out beauties and bodies of all kinds because we don't discriminate. Warning! Dangerous curves ahead!

We pitted family members against each other in a battle to the death! Find out who was left standing!

We went old school to bring you some much needed renaissance flavor! Sorry, plague not included.

We get a little hardcore in the performance department with three special ladies!