1. Solid Body versus Semi/Full Hollow Body Guitars

    Solid Body versus Semi/Full Hollow Body Guitars
    Exotic hybrids aside, there are three main kinds of bodies when you’re talking about electric guitars: hollow body, semi-hollow body and solid body. Among the biggest factors associated with the body’s inherent tone has to do with how they handle resonance (which in simple terms means how they handle the sound bouncing around inside of the body). Here are their general qualities along with some of their inherent pros and cons:     Continue reading →
  2. Reducing Feedback on Hollow and Semi-Hollow Guitars

    Reducing Feedback on Hollow and Semi-Hollow Guitars
    F-hole plugs are a common way of reducing feedback. Feedback in hollow and semi hollow body guitars is nothing new – it’s actually been known about ever since their creation. Back then, it wasn’t a huge deal as most guitarists simply weren’t using 100+ watt amplifiers, overdriven tones and maxed out settings – each of which contribute towards the...
  3. PRS S2 Semi-Hollow Series

    PRS S2 Semi-Hollow Series
    From Left: S2 Custom 22 and the S2 Singlecut On the first anniversary of the S2 Series, PRS is adding three new models to the lineup: the S2 Mira Semi-Hollow, S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow, and the S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow. These three new models further PRS’s desire to create a complete product offering inside the S2 Series. “We are seeing...
  4. Weekday Roundup 4/12

    Photo Credit Things are getting a bit cold over here in sort of sunny Southern California, and while the rest of the country is enjoying the warm nudge of Spring, us west enders are being punched in the face with thunder and rain. What can we say? We’re not used to anything but precisely 70.3453454 degree weather (as we all...

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