1. Gifts For Guitarists Under $100

    If you think you can’t buy high-quality guitar gear for less than $100, think again. Whether you’re looking to get something for a friend this holiday or a little something for yourself, $100 can go a long way. Below we look at various amps, effects, and accessories that can be had for less than $100. Continue reading →
  2. Eminence Cannabis Rex Guitar Speaker Review

    Eminence Cannabis Rex Guitar Speaker Review
    Eminence is the largest speaker manufacturer in the world, producing over 10,000 speakers a day, used by professional and amateur musicians across the world. The key to their success can be directly attributed to their loudspeaker knowledge and ingenuity, allowing them to offer products known for their great tone and excellent value. So when it came time to replace the speaker on my Fender Blues Junior, Eminence was a clear choice. As for which specific speaker model was the right one for the job -- well, that was a much harder choice. Continue reading →
  3. Tech Tips: Guitar Fretboard Radius Explained

    Tech Tips: Guitar Fretboard Radius Explained
    You might have noticed that on a good number of electric guitar and basses, their fretboards (also known as fingerboards) aren’t exactly flat. Most of them have a slight convex curve through their width. This is known as their fretboard radius, the measure of the arc of the fretboard across its width. In this article, we dig deeper into how this spec is measured along with some examples from popular guitars.  Continue reading →
  4. Guitar Tips: Improve Your Picking Accuracy

    Guitar Tips: Improve Your Picking Accuracy
      Nowadays, the most common limiting factor for almost every guitar player is their picking hand. What happens is once they develop a certain picking style and get habituated to it they find it extremely difficult to change, and many a time to do so a retraining is needed. This only ends up preventing such people from playing guitar perfectly. But what if you get to learn a few methods to better your picking technique in far less time than you can ever imagine? Well, it is true that there indeed are many ways to help develop your picking accuracy, and we shall get to learn about three of them right away..   Continue reading →
  5. Guitar Volume And Tone Knob Tips

    Guitar Volume And Tone Knob Tips
      Your guitar's tone and volume knobs have more potential than you'll care to admit. Instead of going for that amp or expensive upgrade I advise you to read this article and spare that expense. Let us help you discover your guitar onboard controls full potential. The best tone and volume tune ups are done by your fingers. Your amp should not serve to make modifications to the sound but do the work they're named after amplification.   Continue reading →

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