1. Suhr Dual Boost Guitar Effects Pedal

    Over the years, Suhr pedals have become increasingly popular, finding their ways onto the pedalboards of countless guitarists. Sure, they might still be best known for their amazing guitars and pickups but you're doing your sound a disservice if you're ignoring their effects. Recently, I was able to take their Dual Boost clean booster for a spin. In a world filled with plenty of options, does the Dual Boost do enough to win over that precious pedalboard real estate? Keep reading to find out. Continue reading →
  2. Sennheiser e945 Dynamic Mic Review

    Sennheiser e945 Dynamic Mic Review
      A few months back, I took the Sennheiser e935 dynamic vocal mic for a spin and definitely came away impressed. All in all, it was a great all-around mic and a standout piece of gear in a market crowded with quality stage mics. Compared to the Shure SM58, the e935 offers much more definition and clarity, not to mention an overall smoother feel. This means that it will show off a much truer representation of your natural voice (the good and the bad). With that in mind, I got curious about it's bigger brother, the e945. While they share many of the same specs, the e945 is definitely a different type of mic. Continue reading →
  3. Heil Sound PR 22 Dynamic Microphone Review

    Heil Sound PR 22 Dynamic Microphone Review
      Founded in 1966 by Bob Heil, Heil Sound is a professional audio company that has managed to flourish for decades thanks in part to their extensive knowledge of the market and forward-thinking microphone designs. If you're serious about your audio gear, you're more than likely familiar with the brand. Today, we decided to take a look at one of their more popular offerings -- the PR 22. As a live dynamic vocal mic priced at $185 for the standard version and $117 for the UT version, it's a direct competitor to the industry standard SM58 along with dozens of offerings from several other manufacturers. With that said, does the PR 22 have enough of the goods to separate itself from the rest of the pack? Long story short -- it definitely does. Continue reading →
  4. Eminence Cannabis Rex Guitar Speaker Review

    Eminence Cannabis Rex Guitar Speaker Review
    Eminence is the largest speaker manufacturer in the world, producing over 10,000 speakers a day, used by professional and amateur musicians across the world. The key to their success can be directly attributed to their loudspeaker knowledge and ingenuity, allowing them to offer products known for their great tone and excellent value. So when it came time to replace the speaker on my Fender Blues Junior, Eminence was a clear choice. As for which specific speaker model was the right one for the job -- well, that was a much harder choice. Continue reading →
  5. Seymour Duncan 805 Overdrive Effects Pedal Review

    Seymour Duncan 805 Overdrive Effects Pedal Review
      While Seymour Duncan will always be primarily known for their huge catalog of pickups, they have quietly amassed an impressive lineup of guitar effects pedals in recent years. From the Catalina Chorus to the Dirty Deed Distortion, and a whole lot more in between, Duncan's effects display the same sensibility as their pickups -- great quality and construction with a unique twist thrown in from time to time. Today, we're taking the 805 Overdrive for a spin, an OD pedal inspired by the legendary Ibanez TS808 and TS9 Tube Screamer. Does the 805 Overdrive live up to the legacy of the Tube Screamer (or the Ducan name, for that matter)? Read on to find out.   Continue reading →

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