Sorry, Conan! Jack White's got a new late night talk show host comedian BFF. All week long, White and Stephen Colbert have been getting chummy on "The Colbert Report", and it was all leading up to this: White, Colbert, and the mysterious garage band the Black Belles have recorded a 7" single together for White's Third Man Records.

The collaboration, "Charlene II (I'm Over You)", was debuted last night with a performance on the "Report", and the single is for sale right now on iTunes and at the Third Man store. Today at 11 a.m., Colbert and White will be selling copies of the 7" at the Third Man Rolling Record Store, which will be parked at the Lot at the High Line, located at 10th Avenue and 30th street in New York City. They have also created this amazing flyer to promote the single.

The B-side to the single is the Black Belles' rendition of "Charlene (I'm Right Behind You)", the seminal 80s new wave hit by Stephen and the Colberts. (You remember when that one was on MTV all the time, right?) The Black Belles also performed that track on tonight's "Colbert Report".

The "Charlene" performance was preceded by a hilarious segment in which Colbert, White, and the Black Belles shot the cover of the single at the photo studio inside Third Man's Nashville headquarters. If you've ever wanted to see what Stephen Colbert would look like dressed up as circa-2001-era Jack White-- or a vampire-- now's your chance. Here's the end result:


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