Jeff Buckley Grace Around the worldIt seems at this point Jeff Buckley has inspired as many musician's and fan's as Radiohead has. Or is it just cool & trendy to say you like Buckley like it is to say you like Radiohead? I'm not sure, but having witnessed Buckley's pure emotion and glimpse of brilliance first hand the praise is definitely deserved. Which is reason enough to devour the new offering executive produced by Mary Guibert (Buckley's mother).

On June 2nd Legacy Recordings will release the first ever visual document of Jeff Buckley's Grace world tour. Although his career was cut short by tragedy his legacy lives on and is celebrated in this new release.

As a tribute to the enduring and expanding popularity and critical acclaim that continues to be devoted worldwide to Jeff Buckley more than a decade after his death, Grace Around The World – to be issued in two separate multi-disc packages –provides the most comprehensive and exciting musical portrait of the artist seen to date.

Grace Around The World focuses on previously unreleased live performances circa 1994-95, in concert and television locales ranging from the U.S. and UK, to Germany, Japan and France (where Buckley was the #1 best-selling international catalog artist in 2008). Accompanying the 108-minute Grace Around The World DVD will be an audio CD counterpart.

A special limited-edition deluxe package of Grace Around The World will also contain the one-hour documentary DVD, Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley, thus totaling 169 minutes (nearly three hours) of Jeff Buckley footage for his fans. In advance of this summer's 15th anniversary of the release of Grace, Buckley's landmark debut album (August 1994), the two Grace Around The World packages will be available at all physical and digital retail outlets starting June 2nd through Columbia/Legacy, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

There are three components to the deluxe Grace Around The World package.

First there is the DVD, Grace Around The World, bearing witness to the fact that Buckley onstage was a transcendent force. In a unique concept, the main program of this DVD presents previously unreleased distinct versions of the songs from the Grace album, culled from a variety of television sources. These include 1994 U.S. shows at Howlin Wolf in New Orleans ("Dream Brother") and the JBTV performance in Chicago ("Lover You Should Have Come Over," the only previously released clip). The balance of the songs all date from 1995: the BBC's Late Show in London ("Grace"); the tv show Live Aus Dem Sudbahnhof in Frankfurt, Germany ("So Real," "Mojo Pin," "What Will You Say"); MTV Japan ("Hallelujah"); MTV's Most Wanted in London ("Eternal Life," "Last Goodbye"); and MTV Europe's coverage of the Eurokeenes Festival in Belfort, France ("Lilac Wine").

(Note: Buckley's rarely-performed Qawwali-influenced "What Will You Say" appears instead of Grace's Benjamin Britten adaptation of "Corpus Christi Carol," which Buckley did not perform on-tour.)

The Grace Around The World DVD includes 33 minutes of bonus features. These begin with three songs performed in New York for MTV's 120 Minutes ("Grace," "So Real," "Last Goodbye"), then "Vancouver" (from MTV's Most Wanted in London), and conclude with the original music video for "Hallelujah" (directed by Ernie Fritz). In between are behind-the-scenes on-the-road segments for VH1's Naked Café, and the Merri Cyr bus interview.

For those preferring to watch the concert footage without the interview segments that appear between songs, a "Just Play the Music" feature will enable the viewer to bypass the interview footage.

The second component Of Grace Around The World is an audio CD configuration of the 10 live song performances from the DVD, all previously unreleased on CD. The disc will also feature previously unreleased additional versions of "Grace" and "So Real" from a 1995 performance on MTV's 120 Minutes.

The third component of the deluxe Grace Around The World is Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley, a one-hour DVD documentary created by filmmaker and longtime friend of Jeff Buckley, Laurie Trombly, alongside Nyla Bialek Adams and sanctioned by Mary Guibert. Included are rare perform¬ances and outtakes (culled from the Columbia Records archives), footage, and interviews with him. There are interviews with a variety of artists (painter, dancer, poets, singers, and so on) who pay tribute to Buckley's influence on them. Interviews also include all three surviving members of the Jeff Buckley Band, friends, family, colleagues, DJ's, producers, critics and fans.

Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley travels from Sydney, New York and London, to Memphis, Montpellier, and Los Angeles, as it presents a very indie and intimate look at Buckley's relationship to his music. The film has been screened 30 times over the past several years and has won numerous festival awards, including the Seattle Film Festival, San Francisco World Film Festival, CMJ, among others.

Finally, Grace Around The World will include a liner notes booklet curated by Jeff's former publicist Howard Wuelfing. The notes will be a montage of interviews with Mary Guibert, band members Michael Tighe (guitar, backing vocals), Mick Grondahl (bass), and Matt Johnson (drums), members of Buckley's touring team, and press quotes from vintage tour reviews.