Voodoo Lab built their reputation for top-quality, versatile products by consistently delivering unique, dependable pieces of gear that can be found everywhere from professional recording studios, onstage or in homes of musicians everywhere. But as good as their effects are, they also have some of the best boards around. Known as the Dingbat series, they feature everything a modern player would need from their board.

A Closer Look At The Voodoo Lab Dingbat Pedalboards

Created at the Voodoo Lab headquarters in Sonoma County, California, this series of pedalboards were designed with durability, portability, and accessibility firmly in mind. Each board in the series is constructed using American 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, giving it a lightweight but tough as nails construction that can withstand years of abuse. Better still, each Dingbat comes with a heavy-duty tour ready padded gig bag that features top-quality YKK zipper hardware along with both a shoulder strap and backpack straps for maximum portability.

Durability aside, the board itself was designed to allow your pedals to be neatly organized while keeping cables tucked away out of sight. Hook-and-loop tape is provided to attach pedals, also zip ties and 4-way tie mounts to secure cabling underneath.

Best of all, each Dingbat board can work seamlessly with the very popular Voodoo Lab Pedal Power series. With mounting hardware included with each set, all you need is a screwdriver and you're good to go. And just in case you'd rather skip the installation, each board is available in Power Packages that include various Power Pedal models already preinstalled.


Dingbat Small

Coming in at 18" x 7-3/4" and 2.6 lbs., the small Dingbat is a great portable friendly board that can house about 3 to 5 of your essential effects. The small version is also available in one Power Package that comes with a preinstalled Pedal Power 2.


Dingbat Medium

At 22" x 13 1/2" and 4.4 lbs., the medium Dingbat is what most players would think of a standard sized board, perfect for housing about 6-10 effects. Aside from its standard configuration, Power Packages for the medium version are available with either an 8-output Pedal Power 2 Plus, an 8-output Pedal Power 4x4 (includes 4 high-current capable outputs), or a 12-output Pedal Power MONDO. And just in case those don't have enough juice, this board has enough room for installing a second Pedal Power device.


Dingbat Large

At 25 3/4" x 15 3/4" and 5.75 lbs., the large Dingbat was tailor-made for players who can't get enough effects, large enough to fit a collection of 10 to 16 pedals. The large Dingbat Power Package includes a preinstalled 12-output Pedal Power MONDO. And like the medium board above, the large version has plenty of room to install two different Pedal Power devices.


Dingbat PX

At 22" x 16" and 6.45 lbs., the Dingbat PX can be thought of like a supercharged medium board specifically made for players that incorporate heavy use of effects on stage. Able to house 10-16 effects, the PX features true bypass pedal switching built right on the board in the form of the PX-8 Plus. This integrated true bypass pedal switcher allows for single button access to all your pedals without using any space on your board. The PX-8 PLUS also features 36 programmable presets for on the fly switching between your favorite effect combinations. Of course, the Dingbat PX is also available in a Power Package that includes a preinstalled 8-output Pedal Power 4x4.


Final Thoughts ...

With various sizes and Power Package models available, there's a Dingbat pedalboard for nearly any player who uses effects as part of their setup. Featuring a tough as nails build, smart design and plenty of extras, they are easily some of the best pre-built pedalboards in the market today.