1. Brand Spotlight: Voodoo Lab Dingbat Pedaboards

    Voodoo Lab built their reputation for top-quality, versatile products¬†by consistently delivering unique, dependable pieces of gear that can be found everywhere from professional recording studios, onstage or in homes of musicians everywhere. But as good as their effects are, they also have some of the best boards around. Known as the Dingbat series, they feature everything a modern player would need from their board. Continue reading →
  2. A Closer Look At The Suhr Alexa Dual Channel Chorus/Vibrato

    The Suhr Alexa is a Multi-Channel Analog Chorus/Vibrato pedal that looks to redefine what players expect from a fully featured modulation pedal. And seeing as how Suhr is responsible for some outstanding effects, it definitely has a strong foundation to build on. Continue reading →
  3. Friedman BE-OD Guitar Pedal Review

    Friedman BE-OD Guitar Pedal Review
      While some players out there might not be familiar with the work of Dave Friedman, they definitely know the many legendary tones he helped shape.¬†After building, modding and customizing amps for some of rock's best-known guitarists (Eddie Van Hale, Jerry Cantrel, and Steve Stevens, just to name a few), Friedman decided to take that expertise and create his own line of gear. One such creation is Friedman 100BE, a Marshall inspired tube amp that truly stands up there among the best money can buy. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to drop thousands of dollars for an amp head. So with that said, we're taking a look at a pedal designed to bring that tone in a much more affordable and portable package -- the Freidman BE-OD. Continue reading →
  4. Great Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedals For Blues

    Great Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedals For Blues
    There's nothing like a nice, rich blues guitar riff that features plenty smooth sustain and just the right amount of grit! And while many old school blues players might prefer to carve their tone by plugging straight into an amp, there's nothing wrong with using an amazing overdrive guitar effects pedal to get the job done. If you've been searching for the right OD stompbox that can give a kick to your blues guitar tone, you can't go wrong with any of the choices below.       Continue reading →
  5. Guitar Flanger Effects Pedal Tips And Tricks

    Guitar Flanger Effects Pedal Tips And Tricks
      Nowadays, the flanger effect is one of the most used by many guitarists across the globe. The polarizing effect produced is almost similar to that of a jet plane swirl. However, the flanger effects pedals are underrated while they can perform the same functions as the modulation pedals and also generate a multiplicity of distinctive tunes. The flanger is the most versatile modulator that guitarists need. The flanger pedal has a total of four knobs and three are related to the low-frequency oscillator or LFO namely, width (depth or rate), speed or rate, and manual. The fourth knob that controls the intensity of some sounds that may occur due to the creation of what we call negative delays. The knob feeds this negative delay and enhances the flanging effects by adding some sonic possibilities.   Continue reading →

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