Lombardo (left) and Hanneman (right) in 1982.

It has been less than a week since the rock world lost legendary Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman to liver failure and fans are still reeling over the tragedy.

Not surprisingly, a downpour of tributes rained in from the rock and metal community shortly after Hanneman’s death was announced last Thursday, May 2, including close friends and bandmates.

Fellow slayer co-founder and drummer Dave Lombardo – who earlier in the year was fired from the band’s Australian tour but remains up in the air whether it will be a permanent ouster – took to Facebook earlier today to pay tribute to his former bandmate.

Lombardo posted a new picture of the two from their early days, saying: “This picture was taken at the Troubadour in Hollywoodaround 1982. Jeff was the guy that shaved his head and shared the music he was so inspired by.

“I enjoyed Dead Kennedys, Circle Jerks, Black Flag and the Germs with him. My drumming was getting faster and Jeff was writing original songs with a Punk attitude. The fusion of Heavy Metal and Punk took over Slayers early mediocre style, hence a new force was born.

“Thank you Jeff for your inspiring discovery of Punk rock that has continued to shape my personal drumming style.”

This is not the first time Lombardo took to social media to reminisce about his fallen friend.

On May 3rd, Lombardo tweeted the following: “I’m deeply saddened shocked and speechless. It’s difficult for me to write my feelings at this moment. My heart goes out to #KathyHanneman.”

Lombardo followed up with another tweet on May 4: “With every hand I had to shake and every picture I had to take a sadness loomed inside of me. Jeff Hanneman, I’m going to miss you.”

You can check out Lombardo’s Facebook message right here.