Are you a guitarist? Have you performed a lot in solo music shows and felt disappointed to receive the audience’s lukewarm reaction? I've seen in many live acoustic shows where the guitarist is just standing and performing one song after another. Nothing to be remembered. Nothing to keep within after the show. Most of the audience are not even able to tell the performer’s name after the show.


Performers have fun in playing their music, but they forget how to take advantage of what makes a solo acoustic show crucial in order to form a fanbase. Let me tell you, my friend, it’s good that you are not feeling bored while playing. But that is not enough to ensure that audience is feeling interested to hear you. If you get a lukewarm reaction from your audience, it will hurt you instead of helping you.

Below, we take a look at a few tips that will help you put a little more oomph into your solo acoustic gigs.


Play Plugged In

An unplugged concert can gift a harmonious and enchanting experience to both the performer and the audience. But sometimes it may become boring too. That's why do not take any chance. Go unplugged, but not completely. Play your acoustic guitar in less powerful amplification. Make your music more bare in front of your audience but still let your instrument plugged in.


Don’t Force Anything

Sometimes at an unplugged music show, musicians do not get the positive reaction as they expected from their audience. There are some possible reasons behind it. Either they do not totally prepare the songs to be performed unplugged, or they try a bit hard to influence the audience to take part of their performances. Do not do anything forcefully. It will make your event lose the essence. Do not force your audience sing or dance or clap along with your music. Let them go with the flow. If you can really mesmerize your audience with your music, the audience will participate with you naturally.


Show Some Physical Energy

Stand up, keep your body wide open, stay energetic while you are playing guitar in the solo music show. To make a show more entertaining, you must stay physically loud on stage. Connect with the audience with your music by making resonant movements on the stage.


Final Thoughts ...

Always stand ahead of the crowd. Do not copy anybody while performing. Keep the above-mentioned things in mind and mix them with your own style. Gift your audience something beyond their expectations. Always be ready to customize yourself according to the surrounding around you. Be adaptive. Do not stay as just a noise, become music. Trust me, you will see a hell lot of difference.



Your Turn to Sound Off!

What are some other great tips for solo acoustic performances?

Let us know in the comment section below!



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