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  1. Fender Adds New Colors To Squier Affinity Series

    Fender Adds New Colors To Squier Affinity Series
    The Fender Squier Affinity series represents great design and amazing value combined in an incredible set of instruments. As we touched on in our previous article, Are Fender Squier Guitars Any Good, we broke down the criticisms usually thrown at Fender’s economy line of guitars. And while we felt that they obviously won’t stand toe to toe with their American Standard line, they offer the best bang for your buck when money is a concern, especially at the sub $300 level. With the Affinity line, in particular, we felt that they were a big step up from previous Squier models, even rivaling some of the company’s Mexican-made line in terms of quality and playability. With that in mind, we are excited that Fender decided to throw a new coat of paint on their Affinity series instruments. Below, we take a look at what this new color refresh has to offer.     Continue reading →
  2. Best upgrades for a Fender Squier Stratocaster

    Best upgrades for a Fender Squier Stratocaster
    Pictured Above: Fender Squier Vintage Modified Stratocaster HSS in Charcoal Frost Metallic Today we’ll be looking at some of the most popular upgrades for the Squier Stratocaster by Fender. But before I get to that, I do want to say that the Squier Strat is by no means a junk guitar. Compared to many of the “budget” guitars made...
  3. Fender Squier Adds New Arist Signature Models

    2012 Squier Artists Avril Lavigne, Jim Root and Mikey Way New models honor pop-rock star Avril Lavigne, metal stalwart Jim Root, alt-rock bassist Mikey Way Squier has added three new artist signature models, the Avril Lavigne Telecaster®, the Jim Root Telecaster®, and the Mikey Way Mustang® Bass, promising star-like vibe and tone at incredible Squier value. The new lavish, black-on-black...

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