Being a musician to the outside world looks like a career that is just fun and easy to handle when in fact it is not. It requires a lot of hard work and patience. For many musicians, there are good and bad times in the industry. However, the trick is to do whatever it takes to survive and make people aware of your music. Well, for some musicians last year may have been a good year but there is a way to make it better. On the other hand, there are those who had a bad year and almost gave up. It is not the end as you can make up for the time lost and achieve more. As you make these New Year’s resolutions, try to keep them despite the temptations that may come your way.


New Year's Resolution Ideas For Musicians And Songwriters

Network More With Fans

Superstar musicians do not just rise from the ground and become great. They become great by associating as much as they can with their fans. They make their fans feel as if they are their family members through their music. One great way to connect with your aficionados is by giving back to the society. Try participating in a few charity events and show people that your music is more than just making money. Furthermore, put yourself up for more gigs where you can perform. With the current generation that is leaning more towards the technology side, it is easier for you to reach more people globally. Be an active member on most social media networks and people will start to appreciate your music more.


Have A System

The entertainment industry comes with its own set of challenges and constant pressure building up. It is nearly impossible to handle everything by yourself. Unless you want to blow up from all that stress, it is advisable to have a brand and support system that works with you. They will manage your career in a way that will make it easier for you to concentrate on only that which requires your urgent attention. A majority of the musicians who have created big names for themselves are known to have working systems. You also need to have friends and family around so that they can support, advise, love and care for you.


Work With Other Musicians And Songwriters

Whether you are a solo artist or a band, it is essential that you work with other musicians on different projects. Not only is this good for producing great music but it can create potential relationships that will become handy in the future. Furthermore, you can learn so much when working with musicians from different cultures or music genres. It is also a sign that you are not selfish and are ready to become part of something greater than yourself.


Focus On The Music

As you make all these resolutions to improve your career, you need to always remind yourself of your purpose. Why did you become a musician? It all comes down to the music. All the other things will be meaningless if you do not make time for your music. Make it a priority to go to the studio and record a song as often as you can. When you get an idea for a new song, do not brush it aside and assume that you will get the same feeling later. Remember, it is better when the idea is fresh.


Conclusion ...

It goes without say that nothing comes easy and for you to get what you want, you must work for it. Following the above tips, you will notice that your career will start to have more meaning in your life.



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