1. Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive MOD OD Pedal Review

    Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive MOD OD Pedal Review
    [caption id="attachment_2253" align="alignright" width="300"]sparkle_drive_mod VOODOO LAB Sparkle Drive MOD Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal[/caption] Today we'll be taking a look at the Sparkle Drive from Voodoo Lab! Does it have enough to stand out among the already crowded overdrive effects scene? First off, if you don't know much about the guys behind the Sparkle Drive MOD, they are pretty well-known for their rugged, reliable and handmade professional electronics that go beyond just effects pedals. Touring and recording musicians from around the world have been using Voodoo Lab gear since the company’s inception in 1986. They continue to add to their success by delivering pure, richly detailed tones that can be heard on some of the biggest stages in rock today! Alright, now that we got that out of the way, let’s check out some of the finer points of the Sparkle Drive MOD Overdrive effects pedal.   Continue reading →
  2. True Bypass: What it is, What it Does And is it For You

    True Bypass: What it is, What it Does And is it For You
    [caption id="attachment_1440" align="alignright" width="242"]KEELEY Ibanez Modded TS9 Mod Plus True Bypass Guitar Effects Pedal Classic sound meets modern evolution with the KEELEY Ibanez Modded TS9 Mod Plus True Bypass Guitar Effects Pedal![/caption] True bypass: you’ve more than likely seen the term posted on every single effects pedal that boasts the feature but what does it really mean, what it does and more importantly – is it best for your specific tonal needs? Let’s get started by breaking down what exactly is true bypass. A pedal is essentially a box with switch that turns an effect on and off by stomping on it. When turned on, we can hear the effect it creates on our instrument’s signal. When switched off, we hear what the signal sounds like if the pedals wasn’t there, in other words, bypassed. This means that our guitar signal is not going through the part of the pedals that would give it the effect. More specifically, the signal is bypassing the effect circuit inside the pedal, but like so many other things, it’s not as cut and dry as it might seem as there are a few ways bypassing can be achieved, each with their own quirks. Continue reading →
  3. MXR M103 BlueBox Octave Fuzz Pedal Review

    MXR M103 BlueBox Octave Fuzz Pedal @ $ 69.99 In the world of guitar effects pedals, few brands can command the respect and popularity as Jim Dunlop’s MXR variety, and deservedly so. Through years of perfecting the art of the effects pedal, MXR is now one of the current leaders in bringing players the most versatile and sought after effects...
  4. TC Electronic Flashback Mini Video Demo

    TC Electronic Flashback Mini Video Demo
    [caption id="attachment_2710" align="alignright" width="300"]flashblack mini delay TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay Effects Pedal @ $101.95[/caption] Built around the same small enclosure which made pedals such as PolyTune Mini, Hall of Fame Mini Reverb, Spark Mini Booster and Ditto Looper instant smash hits, the Flashback Mini Delay is a perfect addition to a player's pedalboard. Featuring the same high quality delay tones as its older brother -- such as tape, analog, the classic 2290 sound and dynamic delay, just to name a few -- the Flashback Mini proves that you don't need a big pedal to make big sound! And best of all, the Flashback Mini features TC's TonePrint technology, allowing you to install delay tones created by some of the most influential and creative artists out there. You also have the option of creating your own signature sounds via the free TonePrint Editor, giving this mini pedal endless potential. Continue reading →
  5. Xotic Effects EP Booster Pedal Review

    The EP Booster is a great pedal that won'tbreak the bank at $116.00  Although Xotic Effects is better known for their popular AC and RC Boosters – as well as the Robotalk and BB Plus – this little pedal is looking to win a place on boards everywhere with its promise of delivering warm, old-school tones in a package that’s...

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