1. Using Video To Become A Better Musician

    Using Video To Become A Better Musician
    It’s never been easier or more affordable to create professional-quality music. Thanks to the stunning advancement of technology, recordings that were only possible with multi-million dollar studios a few decades ago can now be replicated at home for a tiny fraction of the cost. But while countless musicians have taken advantage of the recording and production aspects of today’s technology, there’s one area that is often overlooked: high definition video. With the help of HD video, you can smooth out your performances before you hit the stage, catch mistakes you might have overlooked and even help grow your fanbase.   Continue reading →
  2. Video Demo: Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Guitar

    Video Demo: Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Guitar
    [caption id="attachment_2789" align="alignright" width="300"]250-4811-506_3 Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Hollow Body Electric Guitar Black @ $799.99[/caption] As one of the bigger names in music, Gretsch is responsible for some of the most iconic electric guitar designs in the industry's history, such as the Electromatic and Duo-Jet. Their guitars have also been played by some of the biggest names in rock including George Harrison, Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Pete Townshend and several more. The G5420T continues Gretsch's legacy of awesome electrics! About the G5420T When the Gretsch R&D team recently unearthed a Baldwin-era Filter’Tron pickup with knockout punch and phenomenal twang, they incorporated its DNA into dynamic new “Black Top” Filter’Tron pickups, which now endow Electromatic hollow-body instruments such as the G5420T with an electrifying new voice and identity. Continue reading →
  3. Sh*t Guitar Players Say Video!

    So Sh*t "Put any group or hobby here" Say has become a sweeping web phenom and the crew over at A Show Productions have put together a blazing take about all the stuff we've all heard for years. Enjoy!
  4. Blink 182 Drop New Music Video Made By Fans

    Though Blink-182’s “Up All Night” may be a bit of a lyrical downer, the music video for the trio’s latest single is anything but. In their first music video in more than half a decade, the band gives thanks to anyone who ever illegally used their music on YouTube, by making a video entirely comprised of fan footage uploaded to...
  5. The Strokes Get Psychedelic In New Video

    In their previous video for "Under Cover of Darkness," from their killer comeback album Angles, the Strokes dressed up and went to the opera. But they're in a goofy, psychedelic mood for their latest video "Taken for a Fool," which debuted today. Check it out here. The clip is a feast for the eyes: It looks like the bandmembers, who...

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