1. When To Replace Your Tube Amp Tubes

    When To Replace Your Tube Amp Tubes
    To keep your tube amplifier running at its best, it needs proper care and maintenance. One of the most common sources of trouble when it comes to these kinds of amps is tube problems. In this article, we take a look at few common problems, how to spot them, and how to tell when its time to replace your bulbs. Continue reading →
  2. Guitar Tips: Balancing Volume And Tone

    Guitar Tips: Balancing Volume And Tone
    Creating the ideal tone is a balancing act, with everything from your gear to the physical environment you’re performing at playing a role. Of all the links in this chain, too many players tend to neglect the impact that cranking up the volume has on their overall tone, performing as if more volume always equals a more powerful sound. Today, we want to share a few ideas that relate to volume and tone which will hopefully give you a better understanding of the relationship at play. It should go without saying that tone is a very subjective thing, and what sounds great to one player might not to another. But with that said, the following tips should be a good starting point for your search.     Continue reading →
  3. A Quick History Of Fender Tweed Amps

    A Quick History Of Fender Tweed Amps
    Fender amplifiers are world renounced for their high-quality components and amazing tone. From the early tube amps that created what we now know as “American Tone” to the modern versions that remain in heavy use today, Fender amps are an integral part of rock history. Today, we’re going to take a quick look at one of their more iconic early lines, the Tweed series.     Continue reading →
  4. A Quick Look At American Versus British Amp Tone

    A Quick Look At American Versus British Amp Tone
    It's common to find different amps referred to as either British voiced or American voiced. However, it can be difficult sometimes to understand or, even, define the difference in these tones especially when certain bands from America also play what is regarded as a typically British voiced amp. Even so, the most common way of differentiating between the British sound vs. American sound is by taking a look at the prime examples of both: Marshall versus and Fender amps. While you can definitely get a lot deeper into the subtleties between British and American amp tones, below is a quick look at some of the general qualities of each that should give you a good idea on where these two tones differ.   Continue reading →
  5. How To Properly Care For Your Tube Amp

    How To Properly Care For Your Tube Amp
    There’s a reason why tube amps have remained popular after all these years. Despite their relatively high price tag and an overall delicate design that is firmly rooted in mid-20th-century technology, nothing beats a tube amp when it comes to creating stunning high-gain tone. Whether you’re looking for smooth sustain and compression or fat and crunchy distortion, the signature sound of a tube amp remains the holy grail of guitar tone. Today, we’re going to look at a few tips to that should help you properly care for those delicate yet beautiful tone machines and give them the best shot at a long and happy life!   Continue reading →

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