1. Simple But Effective Bass Tone Upgrades - Part 2

    Simple But Effective Bass Tone Upgrades - Part 2
    Last week, we began our multi-part feature on worthwhile bass upgrades for improved tone, taking a look at various pickups made to give your sound some added quality. This week, we're moving on to the next natural step: electronics. While making any changes to the inside wiring of an instrument might seem a bit intimidating to players that are not accustomed to wiring systems, it's not nearly as tough as it might seem and the potential benefits make it at least worth a look. In several cases, you don't even need a soldering iron to completely upgrade your instrument's wiring as several manufacturers sell easy install kits that require nothing more than a screwdriver. And even if you do, most electrical setups are pretty straight forward and there are plenty of guides online to help you along the way. Continue reading →
  2. Vortex Flanger: A Tone Print Pedal by TC Electronic

    Written By: Robert Cavuoto   TC Electronic now provides guitarists with a way to get a great Flanger, with the addition of preset downloadable artist’s signature sounds called TonePrints. From their website you can have instant access to sounds and tones of today’s hot guitarists like Orianthi, Bumblefoot and John Petrucci to name a few. Being a bit of a...

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