1. A Closer Look at the GoPro Hero4 Music Bundle

    A Closer Look at the GoPro Hero4 Music Bundle
    [caption id="attachment_3143" align="alignright" width="248"]hero4silver_music_bundle GoPro Hero4 Silver Music Bundle @ $399.99[/caption] It’s pretty much a given that these days a band needs to have a Facebook page or some other sort of online presence. While live shows and solid recordings are still the bread and butter of exposure, musicians will be doing themselves a disservice if they choose to ignore the web. We live in an age fueled by seamless online connectivity, giving us the ability to consume media like never before. And with that, bands need to be able to differentiate themselves by not just their music, but with the way they present themselves online as well. While photos and audio are a given, there’s no better way (short of a live performance) to show off your group’s skills than with professional quality videos that are able to capture the music and moment with amazing clarity and definition. Continue reading →
  2. Suhr Names PAL 2015 Electronics Dealer of the Year!

    Suhr Names PAL 2015 Electronics Dealer of the Year!
    Suhr-DealerOfTheYear2015ProAudioLand is extremely proud and honored to have been named Suhr's Electronics Dealer of the Year for 2014! Having been a Suhr dealer for more than 10 years we know they make some of the most highly regarded instruments, amps, effects and pickups in the world and we love sharing the experience of great tone with our customers. This is why ProAudioLand was able to serve more Suhr effects and pickup customers than any other dealer (regardless of size) in 2014. ProAudioLand has the knowledge, inventory, prices and service to suit all of your Suhr shopping needs. If you're considering the purchase of a Suhr guitar, amp, pedal or pickup, we hope you'll consider PAL for your next purchase, you wont be disappointed! Sincerely, Dale Rowley Sales & Marketing Director Continue reading →
  3. MXR M152 Micro Flanger Review

    MXR M152 Micro Flanger Review
    [caption id="attachment_2232" align="alignright" width="300"]m152 MXR M152 Micro Flanger Pedal @ $88.99[/caption] In the world of music, a guitar player’s tone is only as limited as his imagination – or his wallet. With the benefits of material progression and the sheer amount of leeway we are afforded thanks to the digital revolution, effects that were once a product of meticulous in-studio-only manipulations can now be used live with the simple stomp of a switch. Delay for example was originally a studio trick in which the effect was achieved by using tape loops and improvising on reel-to-reel magnetic recording systems. By shortening or lengthening the loop of tape and adjusting the read and write heads, the nature of the delayed echo could be controlled. Flanger on the other hand – which can be heard on such classic songs such as Heart’s “Barracuda” and Van Halen’s “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” – was created by recording a track on two synchronized tapes and periodically slowing one tape by pressing the edge of its reel known as the “flange.” Many describe this as a “jet plane” or “spaceship” sound. Anyways, what was once relegated as strictly in-studio is now yours for the taking thanks to the massive amount of guitar effects pedals around today and since we are speaking of the flanger in particular, especially for those unfamiliar with the effect, why not try out the MXR Micro Flanger? Overall, the pedal’s straight forward and easy-to-use controls make it a perfect addition for those looking for an inexpensive but solid entry into the sound of the flanger as well as a great purchase for those veterans out there looking for a reliable addition to their effects chain. Read on and find out what the MXR Micro Flanger is all about. Continue reading →
  4. Jensen Speakers Unleashes the P10R-F

    Jensen Speakers Unleashes the P10R-F
    We here at ProAudioLand are excited to announce the addition on of the Jensen P10R-F speaker. The P10R-F is for those who desire the tone of a classic broken-in 10" Alnico speaker. The P10R-F was designed by the Jensen factory in cooperation on with Fender for the reissue of the Fender ’57 Bandmaster and the 20th Anniversary Vibro King. The...
  5. New Versions of the Seymour Duncan Nazgul and Pegasus Announced

    New Versions of the Seymour Duncan Nazgul and Pegasus Announced
    Seymour Duncan 6-String Nazgûl You no longer need a 7- or 8-string guitar to enjoy the ruthlessness of the Nazgûl or the enhanced dynamics and string separation of the Pegasus. The Nazgûl was developed for extreme metal players who required a massive and aggressive tone that still maintained plenty of articulation. The Pegasus was developed for prog and modern...

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