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  1. Brand Spotlight: Rockett Guitar Effects Pedals

      At ProAudioLand, we love guitar effects pedals. Whether it's from the big name brands like Boss and MXR or the lesser know boutique manufacturers like Analog Alien and Walrus Audio, we love sharing with our visitors all of the great pedals out there. With that in mind, we'd like to take the time to take a closer look at a brand of pedals that fall into the latter camp -- J Rockett Audio Designs. Formed in 2006 by longtime musicians Chris Van Tassel and Jay Rockett, these pedals are built with one simple all-encompassing mantra -- for players by players. Below, we take a look at a few of our favorite effects from the guys at J Rockett Audio Designs.   Continue reading →
  2. Wampler Ethereal Reverb Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Review

    Wampler Ethereal Reverb Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Review
      Aside from maybe distortion and overdrive, reverb and delay are easily two of the most often used and recognizable effects in rock. From the old school tape echo machines of yore or the modern digital delays and their countless voicings, there are a ton of flavors to choose from between the two. But pedalboard real estate is scarce so having more than one type of effect isn't something most us are comfortable with. Enter the Wampler Ethereal, a highly versatile pedal that not only combines reverb and delay into one box but does so with powerful settings that let you dial up a ton of highly useful sounds. From huge swaths of dreamy ambiance to no nonsense meat and potatoes reverb and delay, the Wampler Ethereal delivers.   Continue reading →
  3. Product Feature: Seymour Duncan PowerStage 700 And 170 Power Amps

    Product Feature: Seymour Duncan PowerStage 700 And 170 Power Amps
      It wasn’t too long ago that Seymour Duncan was known for only their pickups but over the last few years, the legendary company has ventured beyond spinning coils onto magnets. What started with the Pickup Booster quickly grew into a respectable line of pedals including the Catalina Chorus, Palladium Gain Stage, Vapor Trail Delay, 808 Overdrive and more. Today, we welcome two new members to that solid lineup -- the PowerStage 700 and PowerStage 170, a duo of power amps that offer the same high level of quality and tone we’ve come to expect from Duncan and then some.   Continue reading →
  4. Great Delay Effects Pedals Under $200

    Great Delay Effects Pedals Under $200
    Delay has been a staple of the guitar effects world for decades, dating back to the early antique tape echo machines and spring reverb units to today's multitude of pedals. But with so many choices, it can be tough to sift through all of the pedals out there and find one that's right for you, not to mention one that fits your budget. A few weeks ago, we compiled a list of Great Overdrive Pedals Under $100 and today, we give the delay pedal the same treatment. Why $200 and not $100?  Because we feel like the pedals below are well worth the extra bit of cash.       Continue reading →
  5. Brand Spotlight: Mad Professor Guitar Effects Pedals

    Brand Spotlight: Mad Professor Guitar Effects Pedals
    There are probably a few of you out there unfamiliar with the Mad Professor brand and that’s completely understandable. Founded back in 2002 in Finland by Harri Koski and Jukka Mönkkönen, they are still relative newcomers to the effects pedal industry, especially when you consider guys like Dunlop and Boss have been at it for decades. In fact, they are probably better known for their popular amplifier line more than their pedals, but that hasn’t stopped a few of their effects from receiving a lot of mainstream popularity as of late. Today, we're taking a look at five of their most sought after effects.   Continue reading →

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